Da Kid Emm

Da Kid Emm

Teemonee, Tron & DVD, B-RAiN, Young Tom, Mere Mazin

Fri · March 30, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm


This event is 18 and over

Patrons under 21 years of age pay $2 surcharge at the door

Da Kid Emm
Da Kid Emm
Innovative and gifted, Maryland based recording rapper Da Kid Emm has catapulted
onto the music scene with an insatiable hunger. An East Coast emcee full of incredible
microphone skills, Da Kid Emm intends to present a fresh perspective to the current
Hip-Hop community, speaking to and representing a breed of fans ready for this rare
example of an emcee in today’s market.

Although his moniker may not quite yet be a household name amongst the superstars
in Rap, make no mistakes because the Maryland emcee is definitely no stranger to
Hip-Hop. Known for his skater boy persona, witty wordplay and smooth delivery mixed with hard-hitting
beats, Da Kid Emm, born Michael Yeboah, calls his sound and style “urban pop” or a “progressive
Hip-Hop that combines realistic stories with hypnotic beats and skilled lyricism.” This
young gunner is a much talented and versatile artist rarely seen in today’s urban music
landscape as Da Kid Emm writes, rhymes, and perfects his own music to make sure it
fits his high musical standards. Having already released countless and buzzing original
singles and freestyle, Da Kid Emm became a much sought after emcee throughout the
years, especially in the East Coast rap circuit. He appeared on many prestigious and
critically acclaimed mixtapes as his musical style always gives the project that special
something… Da Kid Emm found the formula for banging and blazing tracks.

Having already shared the stage and collaborated with countless high profile artists
such as Drake, Jake Miller, Mike Stud, Colette Carr, and Huey Mack, Da Kid Emm,
the Southern rhymespitter and Gaithersburg, Maryland‘s prodigal son is literally right
on the cusp of taking the urban music world by storm.

Da Kid Emm is ready to crank up the commercial side of the rap game now and being
compared to Andre 3000, Pharrell, and will.i.am only shows that people can expect a
future Hall of Famer in the music industry. Get familiar with Da Kid Emm and follow
his footsteps in the rap game and radio stations, fans, critics, and new music seekers
stay tuned for Da Kid Emm’s music to invade the airwaves!
Tameek Williams (born April 9,1992), better known by his stage name “Teemonee” is an American rapper, hailing from Queens, New York. Teemonee independently released Cockpit Music EP (2014), More Cockpit Music EP (2015) and Villainous (2015). Teemonee’s "R.N.S (Teestyle)” was also featured on Snoop Dogg’s “Underground Heat” YouTube series (Episodes 23 and 26). Teemonee got started creating music at the young age of 13 but had not thought to pursue music as a career until the age of 18. While garnishing the attention of a plethora of music blogs and listeners over the years thru hundreds of songs and videos; Teemonee had not done his first show until December 2013. ​
Tron & DVD
Tron & DVD
Since officially being established in 2009, the New York based Hip-Hop duo, TRØN & DVD (26 & 25) have performed all over the tri-state area with many successful artists including Twenty One Pilots, Big Sean, MGK, K.Flay, Oncue and Down With Webster and at plenty of well known venues including music festivals, Bamboozle and Vans Warped Tour. The two brothers style can range from lyrical, dark and gritty to wild and crazy party music with influences from Hip-Hop artists such as Run The Jewels, K.Flay and Kid Cudi to Electronic artists such as Purity Ring and many others. Most known for their individuality and their intense but entertaining live shows, along with great song writing, TRØN & DVD have shown that their DIY/Indie efforts only add to their originality and display of professionalism
B-RAiN looks to carry the message that positivity breeds positivity, that WE can BE the change we want to see in the world, and recovery is possible. We all have areas we can get better in, and none of us are finished products. He grew up in, College Park, MD, raised by a single mother... while father was caught up in his addiction. By 12, his father was homeless due to his drug addiction, and B was getting kicked out of schools for fighting, skipping school and using drugs. That lifestyle stayed the same until at 18, B-RAiN got locked up and did a 2 year sentence. During that time, B's father overdosed and died 1/8/07, and really changed the outlook on life B had going forward. He ended up getting release to a long term treatment center, where he was able to stay clean and learn about "Real Life" like buying things instead of stealing them. Working a job, instead of committing robberies to get money. He was able to start a life in recovery out in Baltimore, MD where he continued to receive help from others in a 12 step fellowship. And over the past 10 years, being clean and working the 12 steps, his life is unrecognizable to B, wife a beautiful wife and 2 amazing daughters that he is able to be a father in their lives. He now creates music, hoping to inspire others to follow their dreams whatever they may be. And be Living Proof, that recovery is possible and with enough hard work and dedication, anything is possible!!
Young Tom
Young Tom
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2549 North Howard Street
Baltimore, MD, 21218