Dayglo Abortions

Dayglo Abortions

Mon · June 25, 2018

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

$12 advance


This event is all ages

Patrons under 21 years of age pay $2 surcharge at the door

Dayglo Abortions
Dayglo Abortions
Few punk bands have remained in business for as long as the veteran Canadian trio, Dayglo Abortions, has. Since 1979, the band (in one configuration or another) has been offering up no-holds barred punk rock (that was eventually merged with heavy metal), as well as some truly over-the-top (and unforgettable) album cover artwork/images. And the lads are back with their first studio album in twelve years (and ninth studio set overall), 'Armageddon Survival Guide,' which will be unleashed on March 25, 2016, via Unrest Records.

Since the beginning, the group has been led by Murray Acton AKA "The Cretin" (guitar and vocals), and made their mark on the punk underground throughout the '80s, with such over-the-top classics as 'Out of the Womb' (1981), 'Feed Us a Fetus' (1986), and 'Here Today, Guano Tomorrow' (1987). But it was also during this time that the band found themselves in hot water with the law, after obscenity charges were brought against the band and their then-label, Fringe Product, after a police officer's daughter bought a copy of 'Here Today,' and the officer failed to appreciate the band's irreverent sense of humor. Happily, all charges were dropped in 1990.

Dayglo Abortions continued on their merry way throughout the '90s with such additional recordings as 'Two Dogs Fucking - Deux Chiens Fourrent' (1991), 'Little Man in the Canoe' (1995), 'Corporate Whores' (1996), 'Stupid World, Stupid Songs' (1998), and 'Death Race 2000' (1999). And it was around this time that The Cretin was joined by bassist Willy Jak, who has remained a member of the band to this very day. The early 21st century saw the arrival of further albums, including 'Holy Shiite' (2004) and 'Live 2011' (2011), which led to the arrival of the group's modern day drummer, Blind Marc (who is indeed legally blind), as well as the aforementioned 'Armageddon Survival Guide.'

"Just like Armageddon, our new album has been rumored to be coming out for ages now," explains The Cretin. "In fact it says in the Bible, that in the end times, the world will go totally to shit, everyone will be sinning their goddamned asses off, and they will all be listening punk bands like the Dayglo Abortions, who clearly couldn't give a shit about God or the Devil. Now those aren't the exact words used of course. But that was a long time ago, and what the fuck did they know anyway. Anyway...those days are here, the world has gone to shit, Lady Gaga is rubbing her Satan worshiping vagina all over the Super Bowl, and the new Dayglo album is out."

"The 'Armageddon Survival Guide' is gonna kick the shit out of you. It's gonna scare the fucking Jesus out of God and all his sissy angels. We're not sure how Satan will take it, but we don't believe in him anyway, so fuck Satan. Let your head get smashed in by the 'Armageddon Survival Guide,' brought to you by those Messiahs of the UN-sane, the Dayglo Abortions."
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2549 North Howard Street
Baltimore, MD, 21218